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  1. SearchDay | Performance Management for SEO Teams

    Google highlighted some of the uses on the Analytics blog: Android application to check Analytics from a phone Desktop application Email integration PowerPoint integration Mashup of . Google Profiles Offer Some Control and Visibility for Name-Based...

  2. SearchDay | Google OS Arrives, In the Form of a Browser

    The feature is being called Google Video for business and there are high expectations for the application. Google OS Arrives, In the Form of a Browser Posted by Kevin Newcomb Sep 2, 2008 Rumors of a "Google Operating System" have been around for a...

  3. 2007: A Search Odyssey? Keynote Conversation with Matt Cutts

    It will alert you to 404 errors, page load slowness, some spam penalties, and integrates application for reinclusion, so it's now a wonderful one-stop shop. Cutts alluded to a range of other search types: image search, video, code search, and...

  4. New Search Patent Filings: August 27, 2006 - Google's Recommendations, IBM's Speedier Pagerank, Napster's Search

    One of the inventors listed in the following patent application, Tomas Gunnarsson, is a Google Desktop Software Engineer according to a post he made in the Google Blog on a "quick search" for Desktop Search.