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Desktop Customization

  1. Get Your adCenter Search Marketing Campaign in Shape for 2012

    At the same time, remember that ad customization goes beyond simple ad text, making sure that you're creating separate campaigns to target mobile phones and tablets to deliver the right messages to users no matter where they are searching.

  2. The Call for Call Tracking Is Answered

    Call tracking is not necessarily for everybody, but if you're a company who has a complex sales process, for example selling a product with customization or you can drive more profit by "upselling" add-ons, then these two new services from Google...

  3. Yahoo Tweaks Pure Search Interface; Adds New Page Highlighting Popular Services

    In October 2004, the page got a new look and added some customization. So, what about the customization of search tabs and other user preferences, once available? You'll find links for advertising, mobile search, desktop search, shortcuts, Yahoo...