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  1. What You Can Learn From Google Analytics Mobile Reports

    Overview does what it says and gives a summary of data broken out for computers, mobiles and tablets. When the Internet was first used in households it was accessed through a cumbersome piece of technology, a desktop computer, and probably viewed...

  2. There's a $20 Billion Pot of Gold at the End of the Mobile Advertising Rainbow

    Time spent on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets reached 958 billion total minutes in May 2013, representing a gaudy 93 percent increase from May 2010. While desktop web usage is still increasing, and tablet now accounts for a meaningful...

  3. Google Plans to Combine Mobile & Desktop Ads

    In his opening statements, Page introduced an idea that came up again and again throughout the call: Internet users don’t really want a different experience on mobile devices than on their desktop computers.

  4. Desktop Map Searches Increasingly Shifting to Mobile

    Visitation to maps websites on desktop computers has been very consistent for a few years now, holding steady at between 95-100 million unique visitors during any given month, representing more than 40 percent of the population.

  5. The Growing Importance of International Mobile Search

    Some of the reasons for this may include the relatively cheap costs of mobile phones compared to laptops and desktop computers and the lack of effective broadband connections in many areas. One explanation is the 'multi-screen' nature of the event...

  6. Google: Olympics Fuel Mobile Search Surge

    It's clear that these are the first multi-screen Olympics, as users are engaging across TV, computers, smartphones and tablets, often at the same time. Smartphone searches for information on the Olympics are surpassing those made on tablets and...