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  1. The Rise of the User Experience Marketer

    Sketching: Whether you use an online sketch tool or a pen and paper, you should become comfortable creating basic sketches so you can contribute comfortably during design brainstorming sessions. Content delivery, from a design and a copy...

  2. Smart beta indexes gain currency with Asian investors

    Balaji Thiruvengadasamy, director, equity derivatives at Barclays in Hong Kong, says: "During the initial years of the quantitative investment strategies (QIS) development, historical performance tended to influence the index design.

  3. Google Maps Adds New Features and Brighter Colors

    Over the next few days, users will see a change in design and functionality. In order to better serve its mobile customers and compete with the likes of Yelp and Foursquare in the mobile and local market, Google Maps is in the process of rolling...

  4. UBS offers bankruptcy remoteness and white-labelling twist

    In Switzerland, the bank developed SF (Lux) Sicav 2 - Guaranteed Life Design 2024 for insurance companies struggling with lower yields and higher capital requirements for with-profits businesses under Solvency II's Swiss Solvency Test regime.

  5. Green credentials and RBS deal work in BNPP's favour

    We sat down with BNPP and the World Bank and discussed the design of the products and our needs and constraints. BNP Paribas takes top award on RBS buy, green note and IT solutions BNP Paribas was the winning bidder in this year's biggest deal, the...

  6. Ossiam rewarded for innovation in strategies

    CSI selected Ossiam to provide advice and research in the design of a new minimum variance index based on CSI's own CSI 300 benchmark, which aims to reflect the price fluctuation and performance of the China A-shares market.

  7. Commerzbank draws on bespoke and high volume issuance

    The bank's aversion to taking a lead in product design over the past year means it has avoided the flashier or more highly leveraged structures and has restricted leverage in its products compared to other providers.

  8. UBS dominates listed products in Switzerland

    The SF (Lux) SICAV 2 - Guaranteed Life Design 2024 is linked to a diversified multi-asset portfolio and overlaid with a proprietary risk indicator. UBS made helping active managers a priority for its structured products business in Switzerland this...

  9. CVA hedge losses prompt focus on swaptions and guarantees

    As the standard guarantee structure by design is not collateralised, it was similar to loan-based guarantee products that insurers and banks have been comfortable with for some time. Since late 2012, Deutsche Bank has lost €443 million euros on...

  10. Mobile Ad Revenues Soar as Search and Directories Flatten Out

    Technologies like responsive design make it easier to build an ad that changes size and shape to fit the devices audiences have. Internet ad revenues have reached a historic half-year high at $23.1 billion, up 15 percent from half-year 2013...