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Descriptive Mark

  1. The Evolution of SERPs and User Behaviors

    Long, descriptive title tags and meta descriptions were advantageous because people wanted to know as much as possible about what they’d find before they committed to clicking. If you’ve got them, mark them up with Schema for star ratings in SERPS

  2. Brand Monitoring: A Guide to Protecting Trademarks on Paid Search

    Ad copy text: Advertisers are sometimes allowed to use trademarks in ad copy text, as long as it's permitted, descriptive, generic, or nominative. If you believe your rights are being trampled, you have to prove three things to get a court to...

  3. Social Media and SEO -- Friends with Benefits?

    Select the "Other" option and then use a descriptive phrase to describe the Web site that you're linking to (good "SEO friendly" anchor text). Both are popular -- Facebook claims 140 million active users and is growing by about 600,000 users a day...

  4. SEO Quarterly Web Site Review: Villas of Distinction

    There are few instances of linking to a page using descriptive, keyword-rich links. Hopefully, these folks will take my advice to heart, and act upon it, unlike the initial participant in this offer (MDC Wallcoverings -- yes, I'm calling you out).

  5. Rules of Engagement: Creating Effective Content

    Each page represents a point of thought, and should link (using descriptive keywords within the link) to subsequent pages/thoughts in a natural and logical manner. Rule #1 of Web site copywriting and content management is simple, and it’s here we...

  6. It Pays to Play by the Rules - Compliance, Accessibility and SEO

    Simple things such as proper use of alt text to describe images, using descriptive anchor text to describe internal links rather than "click here," making sure that someone can use the Enter key on their keyboard to submit information rather than...