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  1. SES San Jose tip sheet for bloggers and journalists

    Simmonds, Chief Search Strategist, New York Times / • Derrick Wheeler, Senior SEO Architect, Microsoft • Kara Jariwala, Search Marketing Strategist, Cisco • Laura Lippay, Group Program Manager, Search Strategy, Yahoo!

  2. GDrive: Google's Virtual Hard Drive

    But Derrick posted a comment with the notes for those slides at Greg's blog, where GDrive is mentioned. At Google Annual Analyst Day there was a slide or two on the presentation that showed evidence of Google creating GDrive; a virtual location to...

  3. Secrets of Successful Search Engine Optimization

    That's when Derrick Wheeler from Marketleap started his search engine optimization (SEO) sleuthing. by Heather Lloyd-Martin, Guest Writer A special report from the Search Engine Strategies conference in Dallas, Texas December 11th and 12th, 2002.