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  1. Pinterest: An Introductory Guide for Marketers

    The information shared by Hitwise and Google Ad Planner can help marketers to see exactly who makes up the user base on Pinterest and what industries may do well. Don’t forget, however, that the site also has its appeal to other demographics as well.

  2. AdWords Launches Product Listings Ads and DFA Analytics, Updates Ad Planner

    Ad Planner Updates Google's media buying tool, Ad Planner, has received some updates: More detailed publisher data - Since publishers and advertisers can share Google Analytics data with Ad Planner, more data points are available such as page views...

  3. Google Ad Planner Now Available to Everyone

    Earlier this year, Google launched a media measurement tool called Ad Planner, designed to assist media buyers in their purchasing decisions. There are also some new features for Ad Planner. Does Google Analytics Share Data with Google Trends and...

  4. SEO Basics: Effective Iterative Keyword Research

    Google Trends, Quantcast, and now likely Google's new Ad Planner. These tools all provide additional insight into the demographics and Web habits of target demographics. Although keyword research is also important for search engine optimization...