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  1. Esma discusses AIFMD prime segregation today

    Depositories of EU AIFs are required to ensure that, where they delegate custody of the assets of an EU AIF to a prime broker or other sub-custodian, the assets of that AIF are protected from the insolvency of the delegate.

  2. Google Gets Authority Evaluation Patent Criticizing Amazon, Slashdot

    Hillis and Ferren suggest developing "trusted editors or evaluators" who delegate a smaller amount of authority to "contributing authorities" who in turn do the same. Seems a lot like the Google search algorithm's Page Rank, especially in the...

  3. Incisive Media Wins Award for Best Use of Social Media at Conference Awards 2010

    Improved delegate numbers attributable to use of social media. When it comes to social media, SES walks the walk as well as talks the talk. This morning, Incisive Media announced it's SES team has won the Best Use of Social Media award at the first...

  4. A Guide to Search Engine Strategies New York 2009

    If you can, bringing an extra delegate or two to "divide and conquer" the panels is a good way to get more information. It's that time of year again. Search Engine Strategies New York, usually the largest of the three "big" U.S.based shows on the...

  5. Ten Top Stories from SES London 2009

    Delegate numbers certainly looked healthy on both advertiser and agency side. For those of you who couldn't attend this must-attend event, here are the ten top stories from the conference and expo held at the Business Design Centre in Islington:

  6. Agency Leadership -- Imparting Your Vision

    The key to leadership is to know your role, and also know when to delegate tasks. I've looked at setting up your SEM, finding clients, marketing your agency, selling your services, recruiting the right people, and training your staff.