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  1. Optimizing Search and Digital Marketing With Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling [#CZLSF]

    This would finally result into the report that they’d been waiting for, which answered the question of what impacts the conversion and to what degree. I have always felt that the success of digital marketing is often attributed to the assists of...

  2. Forget Big Content – Small Content Is Critical to Search Success

    And while that is true to some degree, it is also a view that is dangerously one-dimensional and lacking in real strategic content knowledge. Read any popular digital marketing thought leadership blog and you'd be bombarded with the notion that...

  3. A Recipe for a Tasty Semantic Search & SEO Salad

    Semantic search is already in play, to a degree. They aren't totally separate concepts! Certainly, SEO and semantic search overlaps, but the key to success lies in finding how to mesh them together, so that they complement each other, rather than...

  4. Video Helps Persuade 73% of People to Buy a Product or Service [Survey]

    BJ: Yes, the survey was administered to 1,014 U.S.respondents, aged 18 - 65 or older with an even distribution.percent of respondents were male, 47 percent were female, with the majority of respondents having earned a high school degree or higher.