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Decision Hunch

  1. Hunch Launches New Q&A Interface

    Decision engine Hunch has unveiled a new Question and Answer interface. The reasoning behind the new design is the ability to see real-time recommendations from Hunch as you answer the questions. If you haven't spent a lot of time on Hunch, you'll...

  2. Hunch Adds Shortcuts to Help Users Navigate Topics

    Hunch, the decision engine that launched just after that *other* decision engine, has already added an update to their site. If you haven't visited Hunch yet, then you need to know that the site serves up a decision by asking you a bunch of questions.

  3. SearchDay | Do Teens Tweet?

    Hunch Launches New "Decision Engine" Posted by Kevin Newcomb Jun 16, 2009 Microsoft's Bing isn't the only "decision engine" in town anymore, with today's launch of Hunch. Hunch is a new site that aims to connect people based on their answers to...