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Dead Meta Keywords Tag

  1. 10 Website Quality Indicators That Can Sink Your SEO Battleship

    Use scripting to keep pages hidden from Google ( our your pages that have one piece or content on it that is the same as the original) until the page has more than one piece of content – after all it is not a tag group until it has...

  2. This Breaking News Just In - The Meta Keywords Tag is Still Dead!

    So, I think I can safely say, "The Meta Keywords Tag is still dead. So, I think the entire search industry can stop using the Meta Keywords Tag -- just as Chevy Chase has stopped saying, "This breaking news just in - Generalissimo Francisco Franco...

  3. Yahoo and the Future of Search

    This is what ultimately led to the demise of Alta Vista and the rise of Google – Google had an algorithm (the PageRank algorithm) that discounted the keyword meta tag (and other similar tricks, such as hidden text), and provided quality results...

  4. The SearchEngine Update, June 22, 1998, Number 31

    It is a meta tag builder, with a twist. You enter a set of terms, along with a set of secondary terms, and the program generates up to 100 different meta keywords tags. Meta tags are displayed without the surrounding coding, as is link text.