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Day Ses Chicago 2008

  1. Authenticity in Social Media: Don’t Get Mad, Get YouTube

    In the spring of 2008, Dave and his band, the Sons of Maxwell, were traveling to Nebraska for a one-week tour and his Taylor guitar was seen being thrown by United Airlines baggage handlers in Chicago.

  2. Early Bird Saves Up To $300 on Conference Pass to SES Chicago 2010

    SES Chicago 2010 is coming up fast, and early bird pricing closes out this Friday! Check out the rates and registration details on the SES Chicago website. And there's one other sports-related impact of moving SES Chicago from December last year to...

  3. Brent Payne of Tribune Shares Some Social Media Link Building Tips

    Times, Chicago Tribune, and Baltimore Sun) but also to Tribune's dozens of broadcast sites (including KTLA, WGN, and WPIX). Last week at SES San Francisco, Brent Payne, the SEO Director of the Tribune, shared some of his social media link building...

  4. Going to Search Engine Strategies for the first time?

    At SES Chicago 2009, Kathryn Joy of the New England Journal of Medicine said, "If you miss a year or two you find (like) I did that I had a lot to catch up on. SES Chicago 2009 from attendee Kathryn Joy, New England Journal of Medicine

  5. Go to SES Berlin or SES Chicago for Eight Days A-Learning

    During the past seven weeks, I've shared seven compelling reasons for going to either Search Engine Strategies Berlin or SES Chicago 2009. Next week, we'll look at more reasons for going to either Search Engine Strategies Berlin or SES Chicago 2009.

  6. The fourth estate is dead; long live the fourth estate

    A year later, I reported on the battery of online video crews interviewing speakers between sessions at SES Chicago 2008. In our industry, I reported that online publications and group blogs generated close to 88 percent of the coverage of SES...

  7. SES Chicago 2008 Recap

    As you can find at the blog here, here, here, here, and here, there was plenty of coverage of SES Chicago if you want to catch up. This was the first SES Chicago I've missed in the past three years. A few small parties occurred, including an...

  8. SearchDay | User Ratings and Reviews: Join the Conversation

    Top Stories and Videos from SES Chicago 2008 on Day 4 Posted by Greg Jarboe Dec 11, 2008 You donâ””t need to read most of the 10 top stories from Day 4 of SES Chicago 2008. Underreported Stories from Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2008 Posted by...