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Day London 2012

  1. 14 Ultimate Link-Building Guidelines to Keep Safe in 2014

    For example, with a property client we created a visualization of house prices time vs.train fares to find the best/worst places to commute into London. This generated great London/national coverage, but then opened up lots of local PR...

  2. Adobe Experience Manager: Content, Search, Social & Mobile – An Integrated Future

    I managed to catch up with Stark at the Adobe Marketing Summits in Utah and London this year to talk in detail about Adobe Experience Manager, the reinvention of marketing, and how deep integration with content, search, and mobile marketing...

  3. Twitter Year in Review: Top People, Trends & Events of 2012

    London’s Summer Olympics took the gold with over 150 million tweets broadcast over the 16-day event. Election Day, more than 31 million tweets Twitter has released their annual “Year on Twitter” collection of the hottest trends, topics, and people...

  4. Boost LinkedIn Engagement and Lead Gen: Tips from SES Chicago Opener

    The keynote is Kaushik’s last stop on his 2012 U.S.tour, which has included SES dates in Toronto, San Francisco, London and New York. Sandler opened Day One of SES Chicago with her early morning workshop, Maximizing the Effectiveness of LinkedIn to...

  5. The Growing Importance of International Mobile Search

    Google issued a report on the London 2012 games that reveals some fascinating insights into mobile search behaviour. It might not accurately represent day to day search trends, but the statistics do help illustrate the increasing popularity and...

  6. How Buzzman Rewrote the Rules of Fiction to Create Relevant Video Content

    It's kind of a mix between Aussie and Kiwi with Dutch tones and hints of London. Buzzman agreed to buy a YouTube takeover, which is estimated to cost around $300k a day and set about 35-40 videos for the first campaign.

  7. 2012 London Olympics: How the World Was Searching

    The entire world participates, and every country has its own story to tell at the end of each day’s competition. The Olympics always produces great stories and gut wrenching drama. From the early questions regarding Michael Phelps’ legacy (not an...

  8. Google’s Legalize Love Campaign Pressures Governments on Gay Rights

    During World Pride London 2012, Google hosted their first Gayglers Summit for LGBT employees, welcoming organization leaders from around the globe to discuss the challenges they face in the upcoming year.

  9. Google April Fools' Day Pranks 2012: 8-Bit Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode & More!

    Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Nelson's Column in London, England For Google, April Fools' Day is the annual launch day for a slew of gag products and hoax services you’ll likely never see in real life.