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Day 2 Morning Keynote

  1. Google’s Avinash Kaushik Talks Optimization Across All Channels at #SESTO

    Clearly, the lesson one is to take away from the keynote this morning is the importance of understanding what is happening across multiple channels. It’s not hard to see why they call him an evangelist; Kaushik had the standing-room only crowd...

  2. Authenticity in Social Media: Don’t Get Mad, Get YouTube

    A recurring theme of Amber Mac's keynote presentation at SES Toronto today was how companies need to face up to the challenge to authenticity that social media presents. The 3-minute and 4-second long video, “bike lanes,” and it had more than 1,750...

  3. Hot Topics, Odd Stories at SES San Francisco and ClickZ Connected Marketing Week

    I'm going to cover the Morning Keynote by Jeffrey W. I'm sending one of my video crews to cover the Morning Keynote at SES San Francisco by BJ Fogg, the Director of Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University.

  4. SES Day 2 Keynote: Avinash Kaushik

    Most overplayed song of the universe, is attempting to warm the crowd up pre-keynote. She tells him to go to bed after a long day and he says he needs to stay up and blog. You're gonna have to play some Them Crooked Vultures, Paramore or - what I...