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Date Birth

  1. The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search

    For example, hashtags have been used to announce the birth of Prince William and Kate's baby and annual posts by NORAD Ops Center using hashtags #Norad and #Santa tweets to provide updates on Santa's journey around the world Christmas Eve.

  2. Ada Lovelace Google Doodle Celebrates First Computer Programmer

    She would never know her father, who left England shortly after her birth and died years later in Greece. A Google Doodle today celebrates mathematician Ada Lovelace, widely known as the world’s first computer programmer, who was born on this date...

  3. Google Paints a Happy Little Bob Ross Birthday Doodle

    We have been brainwashed to believe that Michaelangelo had to pat you on the head at birth. Ross, who was born on this date 70 years ago in 1942, had a great affection for injured and abandoned squirrels, and the small critters even made some...

  4. Searcher Intent: Why Vertical Search is Now Giving Ground to Core Search

    Search engines didn’t start out this way, but Google PageRank gave birth to the viability of getting what you needed just by asking for it. It includes filtering for topic, location, and date on the left, a map on the right, Google Places results...

  5. The Google+ Controversy & Virtual Worlds – A Question Of Identity

    I write here at Search Engine Watch under my real name (a.k.a.wallet name") – the one my parents gave me at birth. But it will take someone who has the time and the money to fight the battle, and to date no contenders are yet stepping into that ring.

  6. 9 Ways to Control Your Privacy on Social Media Sites

    Your full date of birth When creating passwords, think about the information that you have available about yourself online (a pet's name, your place of birth, etc.make sure that you don't include obvious references like these as part of your password.