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  1. 5 New Website Vulnerabilities Straight from Black Hat & DEF CON

    Want to scan for the ability to inject your code into the vulnerable SQL databases and not one, but into several 100,000 sites fast, there you go. Applies to SQL injection of databases too). For Cross Site Scripting it is believed that up to 82...

  2. In Google We Trust (Your Identity)

    In the NSTIC world, that data is all held in one or a few Identity Provider databases with all your online activities of ANY SITE that participates in the NSTIC online authentication system and maybe even outside of that (have you heard of the...

  3. SEO Site Structure 101, Part 1

    A search engine sends out agents (a.k.a.spiders, robots, crawlers) to surf the Internet and bring back what they find and deposit that information in the search engine's databases. Much of how you structure your Web site will be to befriend these...

  4. Q&A With's Gary Price

    I speak a lot about specialty databases that are not from Ask; and I am free to talk about that. Eric Enge: So, using the expertise you have in all these databases, Ask can provide superior Smart Answers.

  5. New Search Patent Filings: August 29, 2006 - Yahoo looks at Interactive TV and VOIP

    A query phrase may be automatically classified to one or more topics of interest (e.g.categories) to assist in routing the query phrase to one or more appropriate backend databases. A database stores accounts for the network information providers.

  6. New Search Patents: May 3, 2006 - Microsoft and IBM Dominate with Recent Search Filings

    A system and methods are provided for automatically classifying data according to perceptual properties of the data to form a classification chain that is suited to the searching and sorting of large databases of media entities.

  7. Google Releases Homepage API

    Since A9 and AOL use the Google web and images databases, they could be also might be considered as variations on what Google offers themselves. With A9's OpenSearch, the options to add other databases and manipulate results page (expandable...