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  1. Specialty Search Roundup #7

    One of the most respected reviewer's of reference tools in the world, Dr. New Look for The Gateway to Educational Materials Database If you're looking for high quality materials for educational purposes this database is a "must" bookmark.

  2. Daily SearchCast, May 23, 2006: Google Removes Sites Over Hate Speech From News; Google Bug Makes Your Site Seem To Disappear; MSN Gives ODP Description Opt-Out (Hurray!) & More!

    Experimental image search services are trying to overcome the inherent challenges with image retrieval by allowing you to use a reference image as a starting point to find similar images based on color, texture and so on.

  3. Daily SearchCast, Feb. 9, 2006: Gary Price Departs SEW; Google Desktop Wherever You Go; Google Accepting Bids For Print Ads; Yahoo Considering Search Rewards & More! Adds New Ready Reference Content to Database Today's search podcast covers Gary Price leaving Search Engine Watch for a new job with Ask Jeeves; Google Desktop making your computer searchable wherever you are; Google's publication ads...

  4. Daily SearchCast, Jan. 12, 2006: Google Analytics Reopens Slowly; Humor: Google Trademarking "Beta"; What Domain Data Does Google Know On Your Site; Searching For Acroynms & More!

    Ready Reference Databases: AcronymFinder Adds New Search Features Adds More Research Tools to Database Today's search podcast covers Google Analytics beginning to let new people in; fun with the idea of Google getting a trademark on...

  5. Search Engine Algorithms & Research

    For example, Teoma ranks a site not on popularity alone, but rather on the number of same-subject pages that reference it. Garcia believes SEOs can use the c-index to properly identify semantically connected terms from a pool of candidate terms for...