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  1. More 3D Maps, an iTunes Video Podcast Directory, .CA Goes Mobile & Wildfires Database: Specialty Search Wrap Up

    Gary posted a roundup of free open source 3D satellite and aerial imagery. This weeks specialty search wrap up from Resource Shelf includes more 3D mapping tools, a iTunes video podcast directory, the Canadian government mobile edition, a resource...

  2. Daily SearchCast, May 23, 2006: Google Removes Sites Over Hate Speech From News; Google Bug Makes Your Site Seem To Disappear; MSN Gives ODP Description Opt-Out (Hurray!) & More!

    Live Local Maps UK With Aerial Imagery UK aerial imagery coverage. Basically, some times when a site is listed in MSN Search results, they use the ODP ( directory listing's data, specifically the title and description from the ODP...

  3. Windows Live Local Beta is Now Online; Some Global Imagery Also Added

    From here you're able to click and see the aerial view link (what you should be seeing), view a road map, OR click for "Bird's Eye. But will the imagery or any other aerial imagery help my sister find and select a shoe store?

  4. Real-TimeTracking of the Space Shuttle; View Imagery of Earth Taken by Astronauts

    Also, since satellite and aerial imagery is all the rage these days, here's a small archive with selected imagery of Earth taken by astronauts since the beginning of the space program. The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, is a searchable...