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  1. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    Can we integrate the local CMS with our internal database? Can they be customized based on one or many database fields? Choosing a local search automation vendor can be a complicated and intimidating decision for companies with hundreds or...

  2. The Hidden Skill Every PPC Manager Should Possess: Sleuthing

    We discovered that there were many duplicate leads in our CMS database. The definition of sleuthing is, "to track or follow. PPC managers have to do exactly this when analyzing statistics and deciphering what is influencing their campaign performance.

  3. Yelp: Court Ruling on Anonymous Customer Reviews 'Could Have a Chilling Effect on Free Speech'

    In its complaint, Hadeed alleged that it tried to match the negative reviews with its customer database but could find no record that the negative reviewers were actually Hadeed customers. A U.S.court has ordered local business review website Yelp...

  4. Google Algorithm Tweak Tries to Squash Mug Shot Websites

    These websites often have a database of thousands upon thousands of images, ranging from the Average Joe to celebrities like Lindsey Lohan. If you've ever been arrested, whether or not you are guilty of the charges, your mug shot may be online.

  5. 3 Reasons Natural Language Processing (Not Google Glass) is the Future of Search

    The early days of search required that users query a search engine in query -> database format. That is, to extricate relevant results, the user must phrase the query in such a way that the machine can understand the request, query the database...

  6. 12 Things You Need to Do NOW to Get Your SEM Holiday Campaigns Ready

    For example, if you send an email out to your database, then you should create a specific remarketing audience for those visitors. Often November rolls around and businesses haven't even started thinking about how to navigate the holiday season.

  7. SEO Audit Findings: 4 Hidden Technical Problems That Can Send Dangerous Signals to Search Engines

    This could be caused by a number of technical problems, including coding changes that roll back redirects, database tables that bomb, coding changes that inhibit 301s from firing, etc. On sites with millions of pages indexed, technical problems can...