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  1. World IPv6 Launch: What it Means for Content Owners & SEO

    On IPv4 connections, Baidu keeps logs user’s IP address and geographic information but they are not yet doing this for IPv6 connections. If you don’t support connections over IPv6, you will be dropping traffic without even knowing it as it won’t...

  2. In Google We Trust (Your Identity)

    In the NSTIC world, that data is all held in one or a few Identity Provider databases with all your online activities of ANY SITE that participates in the NSTIC online authentication system and maybe even outside of that (have you heard of the...

  3. Connecting Rings and Bricks to Clicks (Connecting Online to Offline)

    A consumer logs into a website each time they visit. The company then has the ability to look at their web records and see when the last time this user logged in, and what advertising was involved. If a visitor to your site decides to purchase...

  4. Google: The Spy Who Loved Me

    Varian suggests readers "Watch our videos to see exactly what data we store in our logs. Varian explains that Web search algorithms are improved by the "wisdom of the crowds" drawn from the "logs of billions of previous search queries.