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  1. The Perennial SEO Audit – Creating an Effective Framework for Keeping Your Campaign Running at Peak Performance

    Review meta tags and structured data markup It's hugely beneficial for us SEO types to periodically helicopter up from the daily grind and survey our campaigns from a top level. A few simple mini-deep dives at specific times throughout the year can...

  2. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    How is the team that will be working with us structured? How does [VENDOR NAME] ensure data is always up to date when locations go in or out of business? Does [VENDOR NAME] provide data storage? How does [VENDOR NAME] monitor and report on the...

  3. Metadata & You: Best Practices, Benefits & Implementation Made Easy

    Due to the scope and complexity of, it pays to check the quality of your code with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Formed from an alliance of the biggest search providers to create a common structured data protocol,

  4. Google Updates Data Highlighter, Launches Structured Data Markup Helper

    First, Google has updated their Data Highlighter to now cover eight types of structured data, which allows webmasters to easily tag key fields on their sites for the applicable structured data. If you haven’t started using structured data with...

  5. How to Create Compelling Content Based on Learning Styles

    Structured blog posts with conclusions To make it easier to pull the data into an editorial calendar my preference is to pull the calendar together initially as you would without it and then overlay this info, color-coding the various content types...

  6. Structured Data First Steps: Adding Schema Location Markup to Your Website

    When I then tested this exact code in a live web page and ran the URL through the Structured Data Tester, I received the following results: You can tweak it for styling, but be sure you're testing your changes in Google's Structured Markup Validation.

  7. Search Engine Watch Redesign Breaks Records

    With that in mind we set out to think of the site architecture in terms of structured data feeds that could be woven together in an infinite number of combinations. If we could do that, then the front end could be a data driven experience...