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  1. A Quick Start Guide to Schema – Your Competitive Edge

    To add schema, you simply create tags according to the category for the data you’re tagging. You don’t need to constantly go back and forth between your HTML code and Google’s schema documents because Google has created a Structured Data...

  2. 3 Lessons Social Advertisers Can Learn From Search Marketing

    Leverage first-party data to segment messaging to specific audience types. Then, more broadly, set up tracking of key topics and hashtags in your industry. Set up a Tailored Audience on Twitter or Custom Audience on Facebook to target certain known...

  3. 5 AdWords Optimization Checkpoints You May Be Missing

    In the campaigns tab or dimensions tab, segment data by day to see if the account or campaigns are reaching daily budgets. However, after you have certain amount of conversion data, it may make the most sense to optimize to ads that convert the best.

  4. Financial crime body tightens rules on company ownership

    Authorities need access to timely, accurate data to 'follow the money' in their investigations into suspicious financial activity, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) said in new guidance issued last week, focused on beneficial ownership...

  5. SunGard taps videogames to boost risk technology

    More data-science solutionsFin-tech consultancy GreySpark Partners recently published a research report called Trends in e-commerce and electronic trading that looked at the use of data science to generate competitive advantages for banks.

  6. The best way to manage individual CPPI, from Deutsche AWM

    When something goes wrong - if there is a systems outage, or an organisation makes an error with a policy such as losing an application, inputting a wrong amount or omitting to apply a factor, for example - the tool can automatically go back and...

  7. UBS dominates listed products in Switzerland

    We've done ‘3D printing' and ‘big data'," says Grob. The bank set up the issuance programme in response to rules that have forced banks to trim the size of their balance sheets. In the past, Swiss managers who wanted to invest in commodities would...