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Data Security Transparency Report

  1. Google: 25,000 Government Requests for Data in First Half of 2013

    However, the US Department of Justice contends that US law does not allow us to share information about some national security requests that we might receive.Google and other tech giants have started demanding the right to reveal this information...

  2. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft Urge 'Greater Transparency' in PRISM Letter

    Today, we are proud to join dozens of our partners across the tech industry, civil society organizations, and trade associations to urge greater transparency by the U.S.government regarding national security demands for our users' information.

  3. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Software must: be pre-approved by Google; offer one-click, complete uninstall; provide clear, full disclosure and transparency to people about what is being installed and what changes are being made to their devices; install itself on only one...

  4. Google Transparency Report Adds Details on Subpoenas, Search Warrants, Court Orders

    Today, Google released new data in the Transparency Report, showing user data requests received, through which means, and for how many of those requests data was produced and presumably released to the requesting party.

  5. Your Facebook Data File: Everything You Never Wanted Anyone to Know

    Facebook lists their primary objective as transparency, saying, “It is almost impossible for the user to really know what happens to his or her personal data when using facebook. To protect the information, this feature is only available after the...

  6. Bing Social Recommends Twitterers; Paid Search Roundup; Google Transparency Report & More Search News

    Google today introduced a new tool called the Transparency Report, which shows where governments are demanding Google to remove content and where Google services are being blocked. Twitter also made big news this morning due to a mouseover security...

  7. Trade Groups Outline New Behavioral Advertising Standards

    The Transparency Principle calls for clearer and easily accessible disclosures about data collection and use practices. The Data Security Principle calls for reasonable security and limited retention of data.

  8. New Players in Travel Search

    The reality, though, is that with Farecast only providing data for Boston and Seattle to select cities, FareCompare not looking at seat availability, and neither company looking at prices for Southwest or Jetblue, both companies miss out on...

  9. Blogs, Boards, and Posts: Capturing Consumer Buzz Online

    Rubel said the primary difference was "transparency. Rubel told the story of how the Kryptonite bike lock was rendered useless last September 12 when a brief post by bike enthusiast and network security consultant Chris Brennan to Bike Forums...