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  1. Website Launch Checklist: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live

    Make several attempts to get to those URLs without proper credentials to make sure the security is working as expected. Title Tags/Meta Data Social Media Integration Do the social media icons on the site go to the correct pages?

  2. Linkable Asset Strategy: How to Pick & Prioritize Assets

    A single, relevant, traffic-driving, mid-tail term like "home security cameras" can be turned into a range of overlapping content types, including: A blog post:

  3. Google, Twitter, LinkedIn Earn Top Ratings on Data Privacy

    We are also seeing a shift that we hope will be adopted across internet companies more broadly: two Internet companies — Google and Microsoft — have published figures regarding National Security Letters, secretive government demands for user...

  4. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Security certificate problem trips up Bing Web site – CNETTrying to use Bing brought up the following warning: "This is probably not the site you are looking for! Apple records and keeps users' Siri queries for up to 2 years – Los Angeles TimesData...

  5. Google Privacy Director Alma Whitten Resigns

    The privacy and security teams, and everyone else at Google, will continue this hard work to ensure that our users' data is kept safe and secure. Whitten ascended to the position of privacy director in the wake of the furore created by revelations...

  6. Google as Your Identity Provider: Where Are We Now?

    Because you don’t have to give these websites you interact with any information, your IdP will vouch for your name, address, age, social security, credit card and anything else that your IdP holds in their “verified identity” account of you.

  7. Facebook & Twitter Apps Exploited to Profit From Private Data

    A Facebook spokesperson told Search Engine Watch: “We have dedicated security engineers and teams that look into and take aggressive action on reports like those raised here. Shopov published a post on Oct.titled, “I just bought more than 1 million...