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Data Redundancy

  1. Actionable Insights You Can Find in Google Analytics Multi-Channel Reports

    Also, just in case your $200K+ analytic system fails, Google Analytics provides a level of data redundancy so you won't be completely left in the dark about your programs. For years these concepts have been nothing more than lofty notions except...

  2. Tell Me Three Times: A 3-Pronged PPC Balance System

    Instead, achieve feedback redundancy by incorporating at least two independent data sources. It’s more formal name is “feedback redundancy. Don’t rely on your AdWords or adCenter or Facebook PPC data exclusively for data on the health of your account.

  3. The Digital Path to Social Media Success

    There’s some natural redundancy here, but this approach to content for digital marketing comes in four flavors: This part of the path encompasses internal and external data collection that should be leveraged to guide your strategy and shape your...

  4. New Search Patent Applications: June 19, 2006 - Autolinking, and Better Advertising through Deletion Predictions

    Some queries involve the use of concepts and units, as described in at least five Yahoo patent filings (see previous patent posts in the Yahoo sections from Yahoo Units and Microsoft Redundancy Filters and More Yahoo Concepts and Google Predictive...

  5. Daily SearchCast, May 26, 2006: Dell's Doing Google, Dude; Google Does 50% Of US Searches; Don't Be Evil? Don't Make Ballmer Laugh & More!

    Microsoft looks at reranking search results based upon redundancy, annotations on web pages, and showing web ads based upon a person's television viewing habits. Patents: May 25, 2006 - Yahoo Units and Microsoft Redundancy Filters

  6. Google Operations VP Talks Of "Shards" & Other Search Architecture Details

    Commodity servers for about $1,000 each built into interconnected nodes for complete redundancy. Also, the article describes how Google stores the data on the machines, and the action Google takes when a query is submitted.