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Data Mined

  1. Securing the Future of SEO: Global Brands & 5 '(Not Provided)' Solutions

    Additionally, a site's historical referring keyword data can be mined for keyword research purposes. However, it is also trying to protect its data and online privacy. We need to get even better at structured data since what Google is looking for...

  2. Paid & Subscription-Based Keyword Research Tools

    Keyword ideas can be mined and refined by a filtering functionality that allows you to define conditions, such as daily search volume, minimum cost per day, or number of words in the query. Data provided includes search volume and SEO competition...

  3. How to Make Videos for YouTube Mobile

    Android devices are always logged in, so those users will see more personalized search results due to the data mined from their devices. YouTube Mobile gets more than 600 million views a day, making the #2 video-viewing website in the...

  4. Optimization by Numbers

    To reach your performance goals, data must be mined, interpreted, and intelligently acted upon. They tell your IT team or consultants which data points are important to you and which actions need to be tracked.

  5. New Microsoft Patent Apps Discusses the Building of Personalized Portals

    Past web or other type data access patterns can be mined to predict future browsing sites or desired access locations. A system is provided that builds personalized web portals for associated users based on models mined from past data access patterns.

  6. Google And The Big Brother Nomination

    He wants Google to keep data no longer than 30 to 60 days, in order to prevent it from being mined by the US government. Google has no data retention policies. Realistically, however, he thinks there'd be real problems in mining all that data.