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  1. How to Use Twitter Lead Gen Cards to Increase Newsletter Sign-ups

    You only need to fill out the "Data Settings" part if you use a newsletter management system like Sailthru. Check the data use policy box and create the card. The file will come as in Excel form, and then you came enter the data into your email list.

  2. Marin Adds Google Shopping Campaign Management

    In addition, it today announced the integration with Productsup, a provider of cloud-based data management technology. With this launch, "Marin becomes the only independent digital marketing platform to offer automated campaign creation, inventory...

  3. How to Implement an Engaging Content Marketing Plan for the Finance Industry

    A "working life" section that dives in to self-employment, career management, and its benefits Infographics: Finance professionals have access to some awesome data. One advantage that the finance industry has when it comes to content marketing is...

  4. 10 Shocking Facts About Content Marketing Today

    Resources such as content management systems and email marketing software come with a price. There are pros and cons to doing so, but the biggest benefit is that in-house teams generally have greater access to primary data, company voice, and other...

  5. 130 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Search Automation Tool

    Data Management Listing Management What workflow management and moderation tools does [VENDOR NAME] offer? What about forms from Salesforce or other customer relationship management (CRM) platforms? How does [VENDOR NAME] accept bulk data from...

  6. PPC Management: Your Past, Present & Future

    Present-focused tactics are the bedrock of your account health management. Unfortunately, this element of campaign management is often most neglected. The Past" in this example means you review performance history and react to the data quickly.

  7. Marin Software Stakes Claim as First Google API Partner to Support RLSA

    Advertisers can also take advantage of Marin Software’s "Audience Connect" feature to "pull data from their customer relationship management (CRM) system and pair it with third-party audience data to create more accurate, targeted RLSA campaigns.

  8. Why You Need to Own Your Data & Digital Assets

    The moment you approve a website that will be created on a custom platform, content management system (CMS), or hard-coded by an individual or programmer – you essentially hand over the keys to the kingdom and are permanently locked into that...

  9. How Can Good PPC Managers Become Great PPC Managers?

    In terms of your PPC management, what does that look like for you? Knowing how to use and understand analytics data can make you a top-notch PPC manager. Great PPC managers will deep dive into the data and uncover applicable action items from it.

  10. Google Wants to Woo Enterprise Clients Away From AdWords Management Platforms

    Interestingly, two of these new features add powerful, enterprise-level AdWords management functionality previously available through outside platforms like Kenshoo and Marin. Both are great tools with the obvious value-add around multi-platform...