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  1. Google Analytics Language Report: What You Can Learn About Your Visitors

    If we were to do this for English we need to use a regular expression to say match "en" with nothing after it but also match "en" with a dash or underscore after it. The dollar sign means "end of the line" (which will match the two character...

  2. Spotify: The Definitive Music Search Engine Guide

    NOT - If you use a minus sign or dash (-) before a search term it will exclude those results from your Spotify query. Although heavily covered in many online media outlets, mention of this service to the search engine community was little to none.

  3. SEO's Achilles' Heel: The Misdirected Attack on Search Engine Optimizers

    This past weekend, while most of us were making a last minute dash to pick up something for Valentine's Day, The New York Times published a long account of how JCPenney was showing up with "uncanny regularity" on the top spot for a variety of...

  4. Trulia Rolls Out Three New Interactive Features

    Trulia has also partnered with Dash Navigation to provide real estate search via their GPS device, Dash Express. Real estate search engine Trulia today announced three new features to assist home buyers, sellers and agents.

  5. SearchDay: Do Social Networks Bring Out the Animal in Us?

    My question is what about the URL without the dash. FrankWatson Do Social Networks Bring Out the Animal in Us? SEM CROSSFIRE: Two industry veterans provide their insights on the hottest topics in SEMThe surreal nature of the Web has shown it brings...

  6. adCenter Cooks Up a New Community Site

    What do you get when you mix œ cup of paid search with Œ cup of blogs, Œ cup of videos and a dash of user profiles? The new is fresh out of the oven and it is a new PPC cake with Social Media icing.adCenter has created one...