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Danny Sullivan

  1. Why 7 Search Results in Google Should be Your Brand New Lucky Number

    Search Engine Land's credentials are signalled to Google via their own authorship markup and also the fact that this story has been shared by someone in Allen's Google+ circles – not to mention that Danny Sullivan also has some significant ties to...

  2. Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO [eBook Review]

    Contributors come from all over the globe and reflect different specialism within SEO and closely related disciplines and are Alan Bleiweiss, Andrea Scarpetta, Andrew Bleakley, Anthony Verre, Barry Adams, Dana Lookadoo, Danny Sullivan, Dean...

  3. Matt Cutts, Social Signals, Author Authority, Ranking Factors & Google Realtime

    Matt Cutts, has confirmed Danny Sullivan's report that Google and Bing use social signals as a ranking factor. Sullivan concludes his report with the statement that "retweets serve as a new form a link building" - and that a tweet from an...

  4. Happy Birthday Google. 12 Years On, Then & Now

    Also amusing in a, "if they knew then what we know now" sense, are comments by long time industry observer, Danny Sullivan. For instance, back then Sullivan asked the students: Google turns 12 today. Which, in human terms, means it is almost teenager!