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Dale Carnegie

  1. Social PR: 6 New (+ Old) Ways to Win Friends and Influence Search

    The late great Dale Carnegie was ahead of his time when he published the groundbreaking book "How to Win Friends and Influence People. Dale Carnegie To conclude, here are six Dale Carnegie-inspired ways to win friends and influence search (bolded...

  2. Q&A with Piera Palazzolo, SVP of Dale Carnegie Training

    Approximately 7 million people have experienced Dale Carnegie Training. Nevertheless, I vowed to find out what "Implementing a Digital Corporate Governance Program" was all about by interviewing Piera Palazzolo, Senior Vice President of Dale...

  3. Everyone is Twittering, But Is Anyone Listening?

    Is Dale Carnegie rolling over in his grave because everyone on Twitter is trying to be heard, when the key to winning friends and influencing people is actually listening? Everyone was aflutter with Twitter at Search Engine Strategies New York.