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DéJà Vu

  1. How Search Engines are Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2013

    In a bit of déjà vu, Dogpile checks in with the same logo from last year – a nod to “Lady and the Tramp” that urges visitors to “stay out of the doghouse this Valentine’s Day by finding dinner deals and date ideas for your special someone” by...

  2. Implementation is the Name of the Game

    DéjÀ vu All Over Again Implementation is a critical part of the SEO process. This is where we actually make the recommended changes to the Web site. It's also where way too many SEO projects go wrong.

  3. The Week in Review

    The Quest for Search Engine Relevancy SearchDay #457, Feb. Today's search engines are experiencing déjÀ vu, it seems, focusing on developing better relevance in search results...