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Czech Language

  1. Yandex Teams With Seznam on Video Search Results, Now Reports Malware

    Utilizing queries based on the Czech language and grammatical structure, the search engine, itself, uses Yandex technology to provide the results. Yandex announced a partnership with Czech search engine Seznam on Wednesday.

  2. Top Level Trends of SEM Worldwide in 2010 and 2011

    In Czech Republic there is Sezam and in Poland Netsprint. When Google entered it was said it would never understand or be able to deal with the Icelandic language, as it was too complex. I'll shine a light on the development of some of the biggest...

  3. Interview with Andy Atkins-Krueger at SES London 2008

    To prove his team is ready for multilingual tongue twisters in German, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Czech and other languages, Andy introduced Kia from his PR team, who provided a flamboyant Finnish flourish as a finale.