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Cycle Buying

  1. Combining Social & Content to Earn Visibility & Earn $$$

    Barone then talked about how to use a persona worksheet to represent your audience groupings, with the idea being that you then tie those personas into the buying cycle stages to determine which type of content needs to be developed for each persona.

  2. Influence the Influencers: The Magic of Co-Created Social Content

    Quality content is what pulls the audience into the buying cycle. Much is hyped about the value and "magic" of social media marketing. Somehow people that love you and what you do gather together and say all kinds of nice things.

  3. How Personalizing Websites With Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

    Past behavior: Responses to emails or actions taken on your website can help inform you of a person's interests and/or place in the buying cycle. By creating a dynamic web experience through personalized content, you can quickly move customers to...

  4. Why You Must Optimize and Create Content for More Than Just Conversion-Centric Queries

    For us, that means engaging with the buyer earlier in the buying cycle. But more importantly, we're connecting with the buyer earlier in the buying cycle, forming a longer-term relationship and a neural connection between a generic product or...

  5. 6 Tips For Hiring a Real Social Media Marketer

    Good social media marketers have an understanding of classic marketing in general, the buying cycle, the media mix, and how brand equity is developed. Both lovers and haters responded in droves. Today's article addresses the major questions and...

  6. Google AdWords Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA): The Ultimate Guide

    For example, we can determine where they are in the purchasing cycle or interest in specific products based on pages they visited in past. Combine views of pages or product categories with buying signal modifiers like "review", "buy", "prices", etc.

  7. Linkable Asset Strategy: How to Pick & Prioritize Assets

    Are they gathering information or are they further along in the buying cycle? A comprehensive consumer guide: And traffic intent is moderate to high since you have consumers...

  8. The New Inbox: The Intersection of Email, Mobile & Social Marketing

    So email never ends ‐ once you get that one message out the door you're working on the next one that's going out two days later, and the cycle continues. So then along the journey say your customer is happy, she's buying, things are great ‐ you can...