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  1. 4 Google Changes and How Online Merchants Can Adapt

    Encourage customer reviews through sites like Ekomi and via Comparison Shopping Engines. Provide good quality products and customer service. For online merchants, this underlines the importance of both Google+ and customer reviews.

  2. Using Web Analytics for PPC Optimization: Advanced Techniques

    In addition to adding negative keywords for products you don’t sell, site search is also a goldmine of customer research data. Site search is like a window into the psyche of your customer. Remember, companies pay big bucks for “voice of customer...

  3. Google & Ecommerce: 10 Things Business Owners Need to Know Before July

    The program is designed to instill customer trust and confidence when buying on Google Shopping, and requires merchants to share shipping, customer service, and fulfillment information with Google. How Google Shopping determines product ranking...

  4. 6 Ways Search Marketers Can Capitalize During Holidays & Seasonally

    After all, search marketing is about more than just marketing - making your site visible via search engines is good customer service. Seller ratings also speaks to the growing year-end demand for customer service solutions tied to people’s gift...