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Customer Satisfaction

  1. Gender Bias in Marketing: Women Seen as Less Valuable Than Men [Research]

    The study derived data from 300 respondents of a survey that measured client satisfaction levels as it related to individual customer service reps at WordStream. When WordStream segmented the data to identify top customer service employees, it...

  2. 4 Simple Ways to Use Web Analytics for Smarter CRO Testing

    What picture do people think best evokes a feeling of satisfaction? You see their screens and hear their voices as they perform the tasks they’re given, providing incredibly insights into what’s important throughout the entire customer journey.

  3. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) GOAL: Market Research, Improve Customer Satisfaction, Reduce Research Costs brand online insights/comments X _____% focus group insight quality X $_____ equivalent focus group cost / _____(#) insights...

  4. Focus on Who, What and How Before Crowdfunding Your Project

    You're also setting the tone for future community engagement and customer satisfaction experiences. Organize current contacts via customer relationship management (CRM) and/or email marketing tools to help with inbound and outbound communications...

  5. 3M on Winning the Second Click with Big Data Appliances at BrightEdge #Share12

    We use a customer satisfaction scoring system and have found that we greater satisfaction contributes significantly to our revenue and, in particular, repeat purchases. We think of SEO as being a double-edged strategy: We use BrightEdge to manage...

  6. Relevant, Actionable & Timely PPC Feedback: Better Decisions, Better Results

    You would need to manufacture a new feedback loop, perhaps by instituting a customer satisfaction survey, hiring a mystery shopper, or engaging in a dialog on Angie’s List to uncover the unmet needs of the angry reviewers.

  7. Social Retail: Finding, Engaging & Cultivating Today’s Connected Consumer

    Access to consumer satisfaction commentary and actual access to consumers in the social realm has lengthened the relationship between consumer and brand, giving brands the chance to create and cultivate valuable brand advocates.