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Current Account Balance

  1. Industry picks holes in BCR proposals

    The North American Chief Risk Officer Forum, a trade association, gave an even more alarmist response, stating that the IAIS approach “introduces pro-cyclical balance sheet volatility that is problematic for regulating the solvency of insurers”.

  2. Dealing with funding on uncollateralised swaps

    So when markets seize up, the fact you’re supposed to fund a forward-forward position in three years’ time is not going to affect your true solvency,” says Andrew Brown, head of corporate risk solutions for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at...

  3. Sponsored webinar: Strengthening the defences

    So you have to have balance and approach it from various different angles. This work can be with respect to a customer, an account or an employee, he says. Regulators are also responding to concerns about the global rise in fraud that is both a...

  4. Fund performance raises specific issues

    The problem with these ratios is that they do not capture off-balance sheet leverage. For this reason, Breuer11 suggested incorporating off-balance sheet leverage exposure in the ratios (such as that represented by futures) by calculating their...

  5. Making the right choice

    They say they find it helpful to deal with in-house legal counsel who understand the relevant legal issues and can often assist in finding the correct balance between legal and business considerations.Jonathan Tonge at Walkers thinks the main...

  6. Liquidity goes down the drain

    The banks were trying to de-risk their balance sheets. Third Wave uses a mathematical optimisation program which takes factors like trading volumes and transaction costs into account when analysing a security.

  7. A capital offence

    Financial institutions must undertake a more searching examination of their balance sheet structures, and decompose their balance sheet into contractual, and more importantly, behavioural cashflow buckets.

  8. Live Search Cashback Launches Back-to-School Rebates

    Consumers' cash can be claimed when their Live Search cashback balance hits at least $5, 60 days after the purchase. Microsoft will provide the rebate one of three ways: via PayPal, check or direct deposit into a bank account.

  9. Sovereign Wealth Saviours

    They need funding to support their balance sheets, which are mainly derived from wholesale markets where liquidity remains at a premium. And while sovereigns have huge capital at their disposal, the balance-sheet requirements of a bank such as Citi...

  10. How fair is fair value?

    With the trend of moving towards fair value balance sheets, coupled with the increasing stringent audit requirements by the PCAOB, the difficulty in valuing these illiquid securities will be a challenge for both valuation specialists and auditors.

  11. How to survive in a crisis in four easy steps

    Some institutions who thought they had put the risk off balance sheet had to take back the risk through bail-outs. Only then can all the risk be taken into account. These techniques can produce model prices based on current market prices for...