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  1. The World Welcomes 2014 on Twitter, Reveals Usage Patterns

    New Year's Eve is possibly the only event that is celebrated all around the world regardless of religion, culture, and race, but with one important characteristic: it's based on time zone. As the graph shows, when midnight struck in China and Japan...

  2. International Expansion: Break Down Barriers With Google+ Hangouts

    Example: Too many times I have spoken with someone of a different culture and thought they were being short with me through email. Google+ Hangouts should be able to help you get a feel for the culture of whomever you're speaking with.

  3. 2012 London Olympics: How the World Was Searching

    The reasons vary greatly -- from differences in culture to levels of broadband Internet penetration to device preference -- but each country will continue to reach higher as it pursues search gold. Japan leads the region with 147 searches per...

  4. iPhone Tops Web and Mobile Searches on Yahoo in 2011

    Women in pop culture, some famous for their work and others for more nefarious reasons, dominated the list of most searches overall. Japan earthquake Japan earthquake and tsunami This year, the iPhone was the top search of the year, a spot held by...

  5. Search News & Headlines Around the Web - April 11, 2011

    UK Paper Insists Google Is Out To Destroy British Culture - Techdirt Messages for Japan - Official Google Blog Google Products Lacked Key Government Certification, DOJ Says - Bloomberg Google seen reporting sharp profit gain - MarketWatch

  6. 10 Missed Opportunities in Search Engine Marketing in Japan, Part 2

    Trust is intertwined in their culture, from business to personal. The contract will last two years and will be renewable every two years thereafter unless Yahoo Japan refuses. However, if Yahoo Japan directly provides their data to Google, updated...

  7. International Search Marketing Guide to the Holidays

    For those of you who run international search campaigns, you may be surprised that culture and buying behavior during the holidays is different in other countries. In Japan, they celebrate a combination of Thanksgiving plus Labor Day called Kinro...