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  1. Only 52% of Facebook Ad Spend is Outside the U.S. [Study]

    Tailor Your Advertising Messages Based on Cultural Nuances Customize Your Creative Based on the Local Market If you're looking to grow your business internationally, a new report by Marin Software says the potential for reaching your audience...

  2. Google Doodle Celebrates 'Where the Wild Things Are' Author Maurice Sendak

    Sendak captured the imagination and hearts of children and adults alike through his creative storytelling and colorful illustrations. To honor such a cherished cultural icon is no small task. Maurice Sendak was born on this date 85 years ago.

  3. What on Earth is a Nexialist and Why Are They So Good at Link Building?

    Research into creativity has long recognized that stepping out of your normal sphere of working and embracing another discipline – even superficially – can boost creative output significantly. It's a natural inclination to want to tap into hot...

  4. On International Women's Day, Marketers Share Challenges & Reasons to Celebrate

    In one of my first marketing career moves, my team was led by a vibrant, creative, energetic woman who had no fear. El-Shinnaway had a family full of strong, exceptional women who defied all cultural boundaries and went on to have remarkable...

  5. Smaller-Screen Creative: Why Smartphones & Tablets Aren't Created Equal

    The super-speed growth in smartphone usage and the cultural shift therein is old news at this point, but this past holiday season marked an enormous turning point in mobile technology adoption. A sense of urgency for information creates a very...

  6. AOL Names Nine Board Members for Post-Time Warner Separation

    Mitchell has served as President and CEO of The Paley Center for Media, a non-profit cultural institution, since 2006. Before joining WMA, Wiatt was Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of International Creative Management, a talent management company.

  7. Search and the Law: Professor Eric Goldman

    The data sets I've seen on this are not good, and there's no sign yet of any real cultural or educational evolution that will get people to realize the illogic of those positions. Grant Crowell is the CEO and creative director for Grantastic...