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  1. The Year in Search: A Recap of the Biggest Changes and A Look Ahead

    Two-year-old search engine Cuil shut down in September, failing to compete against the larger, more established engines. It was a busy year in the world of search. While the big three became the big two, a new engine popped up and another went back...

  2. Search Week In Review for Sept. 25, 2010

    Cuil is Stone Cold - Another 'Google Killer' Bites the Dust Here are the columns and news stories for the week of 24, as reported by the Search Engine Watch team of experts. SEM Basics Tips for Paid Search Newbies by Duncan Parry

  3. Search Shifts and Predictions for 2009

    Last year brought us few new innovations besides, or course, the Google killer Cuil (you've heard of them, right? Google has seen a significant drop in its stock price; Yahoo continues to tread water and await a buyer to save them; MSN continues to...

  4. Cuil May Sound Cool But Did Not Kill Google This Year

    Touted as a possible Google killer when it launched July this year, Cuil has had a disappointing start. Kevin Ryan gave us a thorough examination of the problems with Cuil and DaniWeb did an interesting analysis of their search results in...

  5. Must We Unlock the Deep Web?

    Did the Cuil launch teach us anything? Search engines crawl, rank, and return knowledge in the form of scraps of information millions of times every day. Search engines are good at what they do, but they aren't especially great at it.

  6. New Yahoo BOSS Applications: Smells Like Cuil Spirit

    It looks a lot like newly launched search engine Cuil. And just like Cuil, 4 Hour Search is experiencing errors this morning. Yahoo recently launched BOSS, aka Build your Own Search Service. Third party developers wasted no time making use of the...

  7. What Search Quality Means to Search Engine Google

    It's too bad Google didn't publish the post before the Un-Search Engine, Un-Cuil, launched. In the boldly headlined blog entry, "Search quality, continued," Googler Ben Gomes explaines in greater depth what search quality means to Google.