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  1. Hulu Cuts Deal with Disney

    CBS is the outstanding one, and while you can search for shows like CSI, ultimately you'll be taken to the limited CBS site. Online video site Hulu launched last year as a partnership between NBC Universal and Fox.

  2. Facial Recognition Software Being Used To Take Attendance

    Four years ago there were search engines that measured visual similarity, now the NCIS, CSI and other crime show technology is actually being used. Facial recognition software has been made popular from various crime shows, but it seems the real...

  3. SME Brand Strategy: SEM Tactics, Tips, and Tricks, Part 1

    Lets say you're going to start a "CSI" fan site – so do you do all "CSI" shows, or do you concentrate on a single show? CSI Miami Cast: 152 per day Clearly "CSI: Miami" is much more popular in terms of search volume when compared with the other 2...

  4. Daily SearchCast, Jan. 13, 2006: Barry Diller Keynoting SES NY; MSN Ramps Up Ads; Google Local's Blue Balloon Ads Pins; Promo Or Ad On Google Homepage?; Business Partnering With Yahoo; Browser Fight

    Google Pitching CSI, NBA Video On Google Home Page Today's search podcast covers IAC chief Barry Diller keynoting Search Engine Strategies NY 2006 next month; MSN making moves with local search ads and regular search ads; Google Local getting blue...