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  1. Bing Hero Ads Turn Ads Into Landing Pages on Windows 8.1

    So the ads won't display for someone searching for "cruise lines" but would display Hero ads for "Norwegian Cruise Line". Bing Ads is running Hero ads as a limited pilot with multiple big brands, also including Walt Disney World, Jaguar, Home Depot...

  2. 3 Common Social Media Mistakes

    This forced the cruise line to do what they should have done in the first place: think creatively. Hence, the cruise line simply allowed the travelers that were interested in meeting singles to tell where they were going and when they were going.

  3. Operating Web Sites in Multiple Countries

    They use dumb software programs (crawlers or spiders) that cruise the Web and try to figure out what's going on. This is exactly in line with the search engine's objectives. Setting up Web sites for multiple countries is a common problem for...

  4. Making the Most of Search Engine Copywriting

    I was promised information on "how to find a kid-friendly cruise line" and instead my click was met with a login or signup form. Ignoring the cruise lines' marketing-speak about how kid-friendly their ships and youth programs are, I Googled "kid...

  5. Search Marketing & the Spanish Speaking Internet

    A cruise ship line gained half a million dollars worth of bookings by following up on leads from their website. Look to the culture of salsa dancing, volcanic chili peppers and red hot Latin music. That's right, Spanish speaking Internet users.

  6. Inside the Searcher's Mind: It's a Jungle in Here!

    If they see listings for a particular cruise line or destination, their search may turn toward these specific directions. In looking at the cruise example used earlier, it wasn't until the searcher had found the right destination, type of cruise...

  7. Search Engines Are Dead Discussion Posts

    But those people who used to cruise along on traffic from search engines -- and search engines only -- certainly need to realize those happy days are over. Senior Media Planner, K2 Design > Webmaster, OLAF - the On Line Advertising Forum > Ph: (212...