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  1. Google’s Encrypted Search Data: A Cure for Vision Loss?

    The proactive solution is to build a comprehensive profile of the “Secured User”, to gain a better understanding of the faces who will be absent from the crowd: Or maybe there is a specific deep URL that skews high with Secured Users; building a...

  2. Healthline and Wolfram Alpha Expand Health and Treatment Research Tools

    Healthline now offers a social search feature that taps into crowd sourced information on drug experiences while Wolfram Alpha taps into a rich compilation of clinical data. Healthline and Wolfram Alpha have both announced new features specifically...

  3. Human-flesh Search Engines Unearth Dark Side of Online Community

    Resembling the kind of single issue protest campaigns that the activist network 4-chan is able to achieve, "Human-flesh searches", originated as a kind of crowd-sourced detective network made up of users of chinese forums and bulletin boards.

  4. David Meerman Scott on The New Rules of Marketing and PR

    The company crowd-sourced an ad for a new product and got this: The crowd filtered into the main ballroom, coffees in hand. Marketers have many new tools to reach consumers, from web sites to blogs and social media to videos and podcasts.