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Credit Crunch

  1. Risk management and compliance for hedge funds migrate to the front office

    Its executive vice president and head of global sales Sean Sullivan says: “Investors want to know the risk, especially with the markets being as volatile as they have been over the last couple of years.Tony Freeman, head of industry relations at...

  2. Technology sector buoyant with opportunity

    We do use more data and video and there’s a need to invest more heavily in new network infrastructure to make networks much more compliant with people’s current requirements,” says Hawtin.The rapid increase in the use of broadband networks and...

  3. Watch for the bond bubble

    He says the 2007 credit bubble came about as a result of bank earnings being higher than local gross domestic product, and asset values being “at significant variance from the related costs”.Sclater thinks the role of banks has “fundamentally...

  4. Commercial property set to rise

    He says there are currently 52 property recovery funds either raising equity or preparing to raise it.Although there was a peak in construction in central London prior to the credit crunch, Jackson says it was a lower peak than in previous cycles...

  5. BVI fund administrators find niche

    That was before the troubled acquisition of ABN AMRO and the onset of the credit crunch which led to the nationalisation of parts of the bank. The company uses PFS Paxus for fund accounting (the system is used by Custom House and Credit Suisse...

  6. Death by CDO

    The US dealer - a credit derivatives pioneer that had emerged relatively unscathed from the credit crunch - bought the portfolio of 14 synthetic CDOs with a notional value of $260 million for $77.04 million on July 29.

  7. US regulatory overhaul inches closer

    Although the Asia-Pacific region's financial institutions have not been hit by the credit crunch, clouds are gathering on the horizon as the shortage of liquidity is felt around the world. Hedge funds are also threatened with greater government...

  8. City bonus system: an operational risk?

    LONDON – The City bonus system is constantly under fire by the UK press, but this time top economist Joseph Stiglitz is blaming investment banker bonuses for exacerbating the credit crunch. Daily news headlines

  9. Talking point - New securitisation markets

    The global credit crunch has proven to be a test for new securitisation markets in terms of growth and performance. In contrast with the recent history, this time around the emerging markets asset class is not at the centre of the credit crunch...