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Credit American Express

  1. Foursquare Self-Serve Ads Now Open to All Local Businesses

    Foursquare has partnered with American Express to offer a $50 ad credit to early adopters with claimed businesses, valid until December 31, 2013. Location-based social networking brand Foursquare has rolled out self-serve ads to all advertisers, in...

  2. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    In exchange for this, such legislation would engender censorship that will simultaneously be circumvented by deliberate infringers while hampering innocent parties’ right and ability to communicate and express themselves online.

  3. Facebook Offers Small Businesses $50 in Advertising Credits

    Facebook recently partnered with American Express OPEN (the company’s small business division) to give cardholders Facebook advertising credits as a potential points reward. American Express gave an extra back-scratch by giving those cardholders...

  4. American Express Advises Clients to Avoid SEO

    Interesting that an American Express Web site was the subject of a Search Engine Watch Experts site clinic last month. American Express could do a lot better with their SEO efforts," said Mark. After all, when you search American Express you're not...

  5. The Search Engine Update, July 2, 2001, Number 104

    AltaVista Express Inclusion The company has finally followed through on this by launching its new "Express Inclusion" program. I hope all my Canadian readers had a happy Canada Day yesterday, and a great Fourth of...