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  1. Higher Education Searches Rise on Google, Reveal Marketing Opportunity [Study]

    The demand for education info in Google's search engine shot up 4 percent, year over year (YOY). What's interesting to note, said Google's Jennifer Howard, was brand searches on for-profit schools was flat YOY, while searches for traditional...

  2. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Fashion – The Search Agents"Overall impressions increased 4%, click-through rate increased 15%, and clicks increased 11.7% … 8.8% increase in CPC and a 21.6% increase in spend, YoY. A new analysis says Google Image Search traffic is down 63 percent...

  3. Facebook Click-Through Rates Increase, Costs Per Click Down 20-40% in Q3

    CPMs have increased 27.5 percent YoY, while CTRs are up 57.2 percent. This quarter, they report, the average CPC fell 40 percent in the United States and 27 percent in Canada. Spruce Media puts the CPC decrease at 18.2 percent, compared to Q3 2011.

  4. 10 Takeaways from Google's Holiday 2011 Consumer Intentions Report

    Search query volume is up 46 percent YoY while Google has been servicing 26 percent less ads since this time last year. I've worked with and can vouch for their site as one that not only brings sales, but a positive ROI in most cases...

  5. Q3 Paid Search Spend Data Bodes Well for Google; Bing Continues to Slide

    Google’s paid search ad spend is up 32 percent YoY in the U.S.and 23 percent globally, while Bing/Yahoo fell and additional 12 percent after dropping 21 percent in Q2. While clicks are up 16 percent YoY, it looks like Google took the lion’s...

  6. Retail Boosts Search Spend in Efficient Frontier's Q4 2009 Report

    Travel: Down 20% YOY, driven by weak CPC Finance: Up 2% YOY Auto: Up 2% YOY Retail: Up 17% YOY Market competition should recover, spurring volume expansion with CPC. Let's dive in: Search Spend Google's share rose to 74.5%, up from 73.9% in Q3 2009.

  7. 77.4% of Search Ads to Google in Q2 2008

    Return on Investment (ROI) improved on all three search engines, with Microsoft Live Search improving 25% YOY, while ROI on Yahoo! Financial services advertisers, hit hard by the mortgage crisis, decreased search engine spending by 7 percent YOY...