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Court Order

  1. Twitter is Blocked in Turkey, Google’s Public DNS Helps Users Regain Access

    The statement cited four court orders as the basis for blocking the site, where some users in recent weeks have posted voice recordings and documents purportedly showing evidence of corruption among Erdoğan's inner circle.

  2. Google '(Not Provided)' Keywords: 10 Ways to Get Organic Search Data

    Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for greater transparency. There is a possibility that after some time has elapsed, that Google might release a new "premium" version of Google Analytics where users would pay a monthly fee in order to get...

  3. Google Celebrates Gay Pride Month, Supports LGBT Employees

    Supreme Court decisions involving gay rights: California’s Prop 8 allowing same-sex marriage and the ruling on the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Gayglers from all departments of Google formed sub-committees to discuss budget, plan events, order...

  4. Google Reports Surge in Government Takedown Requests

    Brazil and the U.S.led the world for total requests for takedowns through a court order. In this particular time period, we received court orders in several countries to remove blog posts criticising government officials or their associates.

  5. FTC: Google Demoting Rankings of Competing Vertical Websites is Justifiable

    As a result, the FTC announced that “Google has agreed to a Consent Order that prohibits it from seeking injunctions against a willing licensee, either in federal court or at the ITC, to block the use of any standard-essential patents that the...

  6. As Goes Paid Search, So Goes the Election?

    Meanwhile,’s leading keyword terms (based on impressions) included the names of the candidates who failed to win the GOP nomination, along with Romney, Ryan and institutional names (GOP, Supreme Court, the republic).