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  1. Google Responds to 'Right to Be Forgotten' Questionnaire

    Additionally, they believe the court ruling was based on outdated principles and it was a mistake to assume it even exists in law. The breakdown by country for the six largest countries in terms of requests was as follows: requests have been made...

  2. Google Still Taking a Beating Over Max Mosley S&M Party Search Results

    Google said in a French court this week that it had removed hundreds of pages for Mosley and stands ready to remove others he identifies, but that the law does not support his demand for the creation of "an unprecedented new Internet censorship...

  3. Google Sued by Germany’s Former First Lady for Prostitution-Related Search Suggestions

    This time, Germany’s former First Lady, Bettina Wulff, is taking the search giant to court. In another case, an Argentina court ruled Google must censor anti-Semitic search results. Google was fined $65,000 earlier this year in France, after...

  4. Google Not Responsible for Policing YouTube Content: French Court

    So says a judgment by a court in France in the case of TF1, France’s largest television network, against YouTube and parent company Google. Stateside, a U.S.second circuit court of appeals panel overturned a judgment in YouTube’s favor in April...

  5. Google’s Rosetta Stone AdWords Woes Continue as Case Reopened

    Rosetta Stone’s trademark infringement lawsuit against Google, first filed in 2009 and dismissed by a Virginia court in August 2010, has been revived by a federal appeals court. The appeals court ruling will be one to watch.

  6. Google Reviews Japanese Court Order Demanding Removal of Autocomplete Terms

    However, in January of this year, a French court ordered Google to pay a $65,000 fine and remove the word “escroc” (crook) as an Autocomplete suggestion for the name of the plaintiff in that case. The man’s lawyer, Hiroyuki Tomita, told Japan Times...

  7. Last Ditch Efforts to Halt New Google Privacy Policy

    District Judge Amy Jackson didn’t agree, and basically told EPIC it isn’t the court’s job to tell agencies like the FTC how to do their job. A federal court dismissed a lawsuit the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) brought against the U.S.

  8. Google Won't Erase Links to Max Mosley Hooker Orgy Stories, So He Sues

    In the most recent case, settled in a French court in November, he only walked away with £6000 despite asking for £180,000 in damages. So.a court decided it wasn’t right for News of the World to label the orgy “Nazi” in nature.

  9. EU Asks Advertisers: Does Google Manipulate Its Search Results?

    The only reasons I know of to go in and change [search rankings] manually is for security, a court order or spam," said Google's Matt Cutts, who was in Washington, D.C.this week to speak against federal regulation of search results (which a recent...