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Court Costs

  1. Google’s Rosetta Stone AdWords Woes Continue as Case Reopened

    Under Australian law, the court could not levy a monetary fine against Google, though they ordered that the search giant pay the plaintiff’s court costs. Rosetta Stone’s trademark infringement lawsuit against Google, first filed in 2009 and...

  2. Google Engages in Misleading, Deceptive Conduct with AdWords: Australian Court

    They were ordered to pay the ACCC’s court costs, but no financial penalty is warranted under the Trade Practices Act. Google has lost an Australian court case on appeal after the original decision in their favor was overturned today.

  3. SEC says Goldman CDO fraud lawsuit ‘tough’

    If in the eyes of the court somebody was not liable and is innocent in the eyes of the law, and yet suffered a 13% stock drop in one day [as Goldman experienced], that will affect things and it will affect the agency’s reputation for fairness and...

  4. The road to a quality Street

    This is contrary to federal securities laws and will not stand up in court – if it did there would be vast repercussions for the IPO markets and it would represent a judicial overturn of one of the most sacrosanct pieces of American securities law.

  5. Martin Currie Absolute Return Fund - Japan Fund: Martin Currie Investment Management

    Contact information: Saltire Court, 20 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2ES (+44 (0)131 229 5252; Overall the market for long/short Japan has become less crowded leading to lower borrow costs and less-crowded trades.

  6. SearchDay | Integration in a Decentralized World

    That's what a Google litigation paralegal asked the judge in a Palo Alto small claims court judge this week. How to Keep Pay-Per-Click Costs Low by Bidding Smart: Mar 6, 2009 * Know how much a single visitor is worth to you and keep that in mind...

  7. Norwegian watchdog rules against DnB Nor

    DnB Nor will not accept the recommendation, so the investor will have to take this to court," says Hyttnes. This effectively means the investor would receive the interest on the loan and other costs, which amount to around half of the net investment.

  8. Search Trademark Hobby Kit

    Google's recent out-of-court settlement with American Airlines may have provided some additional guidance for them. That may change, as an out-of-court settlement is very likely in the current suit. They absorb the costs, the parent brand reaps the...