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  1. Videos Dominate Universal Search Results 65% of the Time [Study]

    In its latest research, Searchmetrics studied the universal search results for millions of keywords over the course of one year (2013) to gauge what has recently changed, and how. Our general observation is that over the course of 2013, the...

  2. Want to Increase Your CTR by Nearly 50%? Consider Search Refinements

    Of course, the impact of repeated impressions may not be the only factor that results in a bump in CTR. This is understandable. We all know that consumers, more often than not, will click on the top ad above or to the right of the organic results.

  3. PPC Management: Your Past, Present & Future

    Your Past: Course-Correction Activities Managing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is like time travel. Without digging too deep into astrophysics or multi-dimensional theory, PPC managers need to reside in the future, past, and present simultaneously...

  4. How Can Good PPC Managers Become Great PPC Managers?

    Know what the best course of action is. And it got me thinking – what are the differences between good PPC managers and great PPC managers? Good PPC managers get results, sure. They know their way around the necessary data tools and they can follow...