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  1. 5 Takeaways From the World Cup for Global Search Marketers

    Using country flags, or utilizing an easy-to-navigate map page will help your users. It doesn't matter what team, country, or company you represent. It was crazy and intense, and for those in the search world, there were many missed opportunities.

  2. Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge

    Answer: It depends on the industry and the country you're targeting. The search and social media industries are inundated with many myths, misconceptions, and mistaken beliefs. How to Architect Search-Engine Friendly Blogs

  3. Global Mobile Advertising Opportunities: Brazil. Russia, India & China

    With the extensive mobile Internet usage throughout the country, mobile advertising is a great strategy for the massive amount of Indian startups. Advertisers should find a way to be a part of these social media conversations due to the fact that...

  4. Localization for International Search Engine Optimization

    Not only does this get you inbound links that are within your target country, but it also complements a multi-country hosting strategy very well. In order to truly understand the way an audience in a new country finds your product or service, you...

  5. Google AdWords Keyword Planner vs. Keyword Tool: SEO & PPC Feature Comparison

    Selection of a country Limitation according to country Possible according to: Search queries (local and global) Competition Ad share CPC Competition - Global search queries - Local search queries - Ad ratio - Google search network - Ratio in search...

  6. International SEO Gone Wrong: 7 Assumptions Can Ruin Your Program

    I can do some in-country training, perhaps some global seminars and everyone will be ready to help the SEO program succeed. Is the official language of a country its dominant language in search? It decreases overhead, and those regional resources...